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We at Solitude Gaming want to get the community back up and running. We do not necessarily need to start the good old GMod server. We are looking for something new, doesn't need to be RP related but that would be fun. We want to make something that you all will enjoy, multiple servers(?) one server we will focus on, it's all up to you guys.
This means that we will “Co-op” on running the community. You guys decide the Community's route and we will try to forfill your dreams as good as we possibly can.

If you have suggestions comment on this post or give Broccoli_Go a PM.

Check out This: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AGJh7VNrQ7wNNu5fwGkc6fCPZBe5yGF5EgJGDJnDfFo/edit?usp=sharing to see what kind of games and servers i have in mind atm.

Feel free to Comment on the sheet if you have any suggestions!